Conditions of Entry

1. Members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and gender Queer community, including family & friends, who either were born in or are currently residing in Tasmania, are invited to exhibit their creative works in Artfully Queer 2021.

2. The exhibition is open to all artistic mediums & formats, and we ask that the work that incorporates the theme of the exhibition (HOME).

3. Entry is free for TasPride Inc members. To become a TasPride Member click here.

4. Your online entry form must be submitted by Tuesday the 31st of August so we can plan the gallery layout for the show. Entry forms may be accepted after this date at the Curators discretion. If you are planning a large work, a performance, or installation please contact the Curator to discuss well in advance.

5. Each artist may enter up to thee works. If you have a compelling reason to enter more than three works (for example if they are very small works) then contact the Curator to discuss. If large numbers of entries are received, not all works may be exhibited due to limited gallery space &/or capacity, this is at the discretion of the curator. Very large works may not be accepted due to limited space (unless discussed in advance with the curator).

6. All work must be the original work of the artist/s & must not have been displayed in any other exhibitions (EXCLUDING student experimental art spaces such as The Ramp or Entrepot) unless of course, there is a compelling reason to re-show the work at Artfully Queer, which should be run past the curator. Invited Featured Artists are exempt from clause 6 however their work must still address the theme.

7. We request that if possible, (we understand not everyone is comfortable with writing) artists write a brief statement about how they have addressed the theme "Home". This information can help the audience understand the context and intent of the work. You can fill out your artists statement via our online entry form. 

8. All works must be delivered to Salamanca Arts Centre between 10am - 6pm on Wednesday 1st September 2021 unless otherwise arranged with the curator. Delivery is the responsibility of the artist. All works must be clearly identified with the artist's name, phone number and work title, & arrive 'exhibition ready' (for example, with an effective and safe hanging system if required). Installation work will need to be set up by the artist/s on the 1st and or 2nd of September 2021 (contact the curator to arrange times). Wall works with insufficient hanging systems may be rejected or not exhibited on a wall.

9. Artwork may be photographed by TasPride Inc to promote this and future exhibitions in publications or online.

10. All works are to remain at the Long Gallery until the collection date. All works must be collected from the Long Gallery between 5 - 7pm on Tuesday the 21st of September. Collection of work is the responsibility of the artist, or the buyer on completion of payment. If you are unable to collect work at this time we may be able to make alternative arrangements but that will mean your work will have to be shifted to another location to be picked up at a later date.

11. You may choose to have your work/s available for sale. A commission of 10% will be charged by TasPride Inc for works sold for over $100. TasPride Inc will manage the sale of works and will not release the work to the buyer until the artist has been paid the full amount minus the  10% commission if applicable. Artists selling work must provide their bank account details for direct deposit. (See Entry Form)

12. All entries are exhibited at the owner's own risk. TasPride Inc & Salamanca Arts Centre will not accept any liability for loss, damage or theft. Please note the exhibition space will be supervised when open to the public.

13. Artworks will be judged by a panel of established and well respected artists/designers/creatives. Artists can choose to be excluded from any competition prizes (see entry form), otherwise entry will be assumed. All works are automatically available for the People's Choice Prize. The Collective Work is not eligible for any prizes.

14. We ask that prize-winning works be available for display (where possible) on request for future events like retrospective or commemorative exhibitions & shows.

15. As Artfully Queer is run/organized by volunteers we ask exhibitors if they can spare some time to do a spot of Gallery Sitting. Exhibitors are encouraged to help invigilate (sit the exhibition) and can indicate their community spirit in this regard in their entry form. If you work during the week, consider volunteering on the weekend. Gallery sitting shifts are usually around 3 hours. [There's a lovely queer friendly cafe (Tricycle Cafe) underneath the Long Gallery and there's worse things to do on a Saturday or Sunday than sit with a coffee and a toasty surrounded by your communities creative output. Its fun watching the public view your work too]

16. Concerning the Collective Work only - contributions to the Collective Work will never be sold for profit, but may be donated at TasPride's discretion to LGBTIQ community organisations. By contributing to the Collective Work you agree to this condition. This years collective work is the Rainbow Quilt, supported by Hobart City Council.

17. Concerning Featured Artists only - Featured Artists are practicing, famous/notorious LGBTQ artists and designers and creatives who are invited by the Curator to participate as a gesture of queer community solidarity and LGBTQ visibility. They are not eligible to enter any prizes, but may sell their work and 10% of any sales over $100 goes to supporting TasPride.

Thanks so much for for taking the time to familiarise yourself with our conditions of entry.  Any further questions? Email the Curator, Phoebe Adams at info@taspride.com (Title ATTN Artfully Queer Curator)