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On 1 May 1997, Tasmania became the final Australian jurisdiction to repeal its
anti-homosexuality laws. If it were not for the brave people within our GLBTQI community of the time the unjust  discrimination deployed by our State Government may have existed for many more years.


Today Tasmania is home to our ever-growing community and a shining example as a progressive city to those who visit us.​ Our stunning island home is a beacon of diversity in all its forms – cultural, sexual and gender identity.



We began back in the day when a small group of concerned people met in December 1992 in Hobart to discuss the possibility of establishing a Gay and Lesbian Community Centre, essentially to be a focus for support, resources and communication in the wider gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

Things have moved on dramatically since then, and the group that was originally incorporated as The GLC Centre Inc changed its name and focus in 2009 to TasPride. 

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