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Drag workshop


TasPride’s Drag Kings, Queens and Inbetweens Workshop will be held on Sundays, specifically

Sunday afternoons 4pm (for aprox 2-3 hours) on the 15th, 22nd and 29th of October, in the Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Battery Point.

This years drag workshop mentors and iconic Tasmanian Drag performers are Ana Thema, Barry Bothways

@barrybothways, Dirty Damo @dirtydamo, Pussay Poppins @pussaypoppins, and Rosa Rita @rosaxrita.

Participants will discover the history and characters of our unique Tasmanian drag scene, be involved in conversations around gendered performance and gender performativity and be mentored through the development of their own drag character / alter ego. Topics covered include, presentation (styles, make up, costume, props, movement and mannerisms), performance (story / narrative / message, performance styles, music choice, props, and audience), professionalism (etiquette), financials (invoicing), performance opportunities, promotion and marketing.


At the end of the workshop participants are invited to perform their freshly workshopped drag performance in the Artfully Queer Drag Showcase on the 29th of October. The showcase is always attended by local producers and talent scouts looking to book promising fresh new drag performers.


Workshop cost $35 (waged) or $25 (non waged). Includes all three workshop sessions. Details of how to book will be sent to successful applicants.


If you are at least 18 years old, human, living in Tasmania and interested in attending this drag workshop please provide a short explanation of …


why you would like to attend this workshop and what you hope achieve during it.


You can submit writing, or if writing isn't you thing, a voice recording or a link to your video response to info@taspride by the 8th of October 2023 [extended from the 30th of September]. Title subject line “drag Workshop application”.


Written word maximum up to 500 words or if you’re not into writing, a video & / or voice recording maximum up to 4 minutes play time. 500 words etc is does not mean you have to write 500 words, you might say everything you'd like to say in 50 words... or 30 seconds, up to you. 


follow @artfully.queer on Instagram for the most up to date notices

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