Equality Project
A community arts workshop was held as part of the digital Collective Artwork "Equality". Participants walked around the Hobart CBD on a "Letter Hunt" taking digital photos of the letters EQUALITY under the guidance of Dr Iona Johnson from QTas Arts
Artfully Queer - Out of Darkness
promotional poster for Artfully Queer - Out of Darkness
Exhibition Program
Andrew Harper Review
Mercury Arts Page
Jasper Theodore
Poet Jasper Theadore performs a powerful poem on the theme Out of Darkness
Nevo Zisin
Writer and activist Nevo Zisin, our Special Guest Speaker, opens the 13th Annual Artfully Queer.
Young Artists Award (HM)
Jess Murray received a special Honourable Mention, as runner up for the Young Artists Award
Pengins In Love
Jess Murray, Young Artists Prize, Honourable Mention for "Penguins In Love"
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